Useful Advice For Fabrics And How To Choose Them

Fabric dyes are in powder or liquid form. Both types of dyes can be purchased at hardware stores.

Detailed instructions are included with each package of dyes. Be sure to read it carefully before you start painting the material. The instructions indicate in what proportions the paint must be diluted with water, what is the maximum weight of the clothes or fabrics, the number of wool leaves can be dyed with a single bag, etc.

How to dye a fabric at home

When dyeing fabrics, be sure to wear plastic or rubber gloves, otherwise you will have to walk with multicolored palms for more than a day. In addition, dye chemicals can cause irritation and even skin diseases.

Fill the pool with water. You can put it in the bathroom, but then you have to work a little, washing it, so it is better to cover the area where the pool will be located in advance.

Gradually, in small batches, pour the contents of the bag into the water, stirring constantly. Remember to read the instructions printed on the package carefully first, as each manufacturer may have different proportions of mixing the paint with water and painting technology.

If you need to paint a lot of things, it is better to paint one at a time, avoiding overflowing the tank. Do not paint the fabrics in the washing machine, it will be almost impossible to remove the paint from the walls. It is better to use a basin or other capable container, for example, a large pan that is no longer needed on the farm. According to the chemicals in such dishes, the food cannot be prepared.

Make sure that the fabric did not stick anywhere, did not dress in folds, otherwise after dyeing it will have more open areas.

If you are going to paint something in a single tone, put things in a basin and move it in circular motions so that the coloring liquid completely softens the product, otherwise there may be unadorned areas. Keep the product or tissue in the basin, stirring occasionally, until it gets a slightly darker color than necessary. When it dries completely, the fabric will light up a little.

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