How To Choose A Good Fabric Dye And Dye The Clothes Correctly?

There is hardly a man who has never tried to repaint his clothes. With the help of industrial and natural dyes, it is easy to update old worn jeans or to make a burned blouse more vibrant and expressive. The coloring process will not cause much difficulty if you carefully observe the dose of dyes and consider the characteristics of the composition of the material.

Choice of containers and coloring devices

Once the clothes are ready to be painted, you can continue selecting the containers.

  1. Any clean dishes, whether it’s an enameled basin or an aluminum pan. The main thing is that there should be no traces of scale or carbon deposits on the inner surface of the metal.
  2. Particular attention must be paid to the size of the tank. The pan must be of such a volume that the thing to be painted is located in free solution, does not crumble and does not rise above the surface of the water.

To shake and turn the product during operation, you will need wooden hooks. If such a device was not available on the farm, you can use ordinary wooden chopsticks, after cleaning the surface of knots and bumps.

It is better to take soft water for the procedure, for example, rain or melting. If this is not possible, then ordinary tap water can be soaked with baking soda, for which 1 tbsp. l. the powder is dissolved in 10 l of water.

Entering the washing machine

You can use a washing machine to dye your clothes. Modern colorants have compositions that are completely safe for household appliances, and the process itself is easier and faster than manual.

  • Pour 0.5 l of hot water into the container and pour a packet of dye. Mix well, trying to dissolve all the powder grains and get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Things are turned inside and loaded into the washing machine. When coloring, do not use detergent and conditioner.
  • The dye is poured into the machine. You can tear the paint bags and put them on top of your clothes.
  • When coloring silk or other delicate fabrics, it is necessary to add 150 ml of 25% vinegar essence.
  • Set the washing mode so that the water temperature does not rise above 60 ° C and the cycle time does not exceed 30 minutes, including rinsing.
  • After staining, wash again at a temperature of 40 ° C, which will allow the paint to set well.

The products are dry, spread on a horizontal surface away from radiators and avoiding direct sunlight.

To completely clean the car drum of dye marks, it is necessary to perform a cycle in the rinsing mode using bleach containing chlorine.

Natural paints

In addition to aniline and acrylic paints, there are natural dyes, whose role is the usual products. You can paint the product black using coffee, tobacco or hair dye:

  • Coffee will help restore the intense black color of the fabric that has lost its original appearance. To color, you need to prepare so much instant or boiled coffee so that the liquid can cover the product to be painted. The stronger the drink, the brighter the color of the fabric. The coffee is boiled, removed from the heat, and the work prepared for coloring is immersed in the pan for an hour. The more the tissue is in solution, the stronger the fiber will be.
  • Instead of coffee, you can take tobacco. To prepare a coloring solution, 15 g of tobacco are poured into a liter of water and boiled, after which the product intended for painting is immersed in a container.
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